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WhatsApp Appointment Reminders from Your Google Calendar

Send reminders to your clients, patients, family or friends using WhatsApp messages. Directly from your Google Calendar events. No more no-shows. No more manual work.

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Send, update and track reminders from Google Calendar or from WA Reminders app. It's up to you.

Allow your customers to cancel an appoitment. Track attendance in our app or on Google Calendar.

Save money by knowing ahead of time who will miss your appointments. Free up your schedule.

WA Reminders For Everyone

This tool is used by doctors, clinics, consultants and hobbyists to send WhatsApp reminders all over the world. Including the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Latin America.

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Perfect for casual use or for trying WA Reminders out

Send 10 messages per month



Perfect for one person or small businesses

Send 100 messages per month



Perfect for small sized teams or companies

Send 250 messages per month



Perfect for medium sized teams or companies

Send 500 messages per month

Business Plus


Perfect for medium and large sized teams or companies

Send 750 messages per month



Perfect for large sized teams or companies

Send 1000 messages per month

The price of the plans is expressed in US dollars.


"I know ahead of time when someone is missing an appointment. No need to ask my employees to send WA reminders one by one. The app handles it all."

Victoria T. avatar

Victoria T.


"No more no-shows! I love how my clients can cancel an appointment by just clicking a link. When I see that they cancelled, I send them a message to reschedule."

Krishna S. avatar

Krishna S.


"This tool gets paid by itself. I saved more than 6 hours this month just by sending WA reminders. My clients love to get a reminder for our sessions, too!"

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Ben P.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer 10 WhatsApp reminders for free every month.

After creating your account for free and adding your phone number, you will be able to get a free WhatsApp message preview showing how a reminder will look when you send it to your clients, your family or yourself.

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