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Learn to Send WhatsApp Reminders from Your Google Calendar

Nowadays, there are different ways to remind a patient or a client about an event or appointment. Even Google Calendar itself allows you to send email reminders to event participants.

While the default tools provided by Google are fine for some usecases, often they are not good enough for businesses. For example, most people do not pay attention to emails, or at least not as much as people would like.

Got it, how do I send WhatsApp reminders?

There is a tool that allows you to send WhatsApp reminders based on Google Calendar events. With this tool, you just need to create a Google calendar event, add a phone number using the coutnry code of the recipient in the event description, and that's it!

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How to Use WA Reminders, Our Tool for Sending WA Reminders?

Explanation with Images Instead of Text

Create Account

Login or create account page on WA Reminders

Fill Out the Form

How to fill out the WA Reminders form

Open Google Calendar and Create a New Event

Open a modal to create a Google Calendar event

Add the Phone Number That Will Receive the Reminder in the Event Description

Add description to Google Calendar event

Remember to include the international country code and to avoid adding spaces between the numbers

That's it, you can now start sending event and appointment reminders via WhatsApp from your Google Calendar.

This Is How the Reminders Will Look Like

Example WhatsApp message that your clients or contacts will receive

Benefits of Sending Reminders on WhatsApp

Nowadays, WhatsApp is the most widely used mobile communication tool in the world, surpassing calls, emails, and SMS messages. Having the ability to send reminders on WhatsApp will save you money if you use it for your customer relations and will reduce the number of people who forget your appointments and meetings.

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